Tuesday, August 18, 2015

What are we bringing to the table ?

I have not posted in a long time. What I have been working on is trying to search the scriptures about what a perfect match is. Here is what I gather from the scriptures.
Men and women each have things that are so valuable to humans, even if not to GOD. Money, is a perfect example. Money is held in a very high regard and is sought after by most humans, GOD on the other hand does not evaluate a man based on how much money he has. However, GOD knowing that money is so precious to humans, He puts a huge emphasis in the scriptures on using it to please Him.
The point that I am trying to make is that whereas GOD does not value us based on how much money we have, yet He does judge us, especially the ones who have a lot of it based on how we use it.
Now the equivalent of money to a woman is, according to scriptures, her physical beauty and her youth. I will venture to prove that from the scriptures.
First the scriptures
NAS Proverbs 31:30 Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, But a woman who fears the LORD, she shall be praised. (Pro 31:30 NAS)
This verse means that beauty is short lived. It, beauty, is a good thing, but like all such things in life, it does not last. See another well known verse

NAS  Ecclesiastes 11:10 and 12:1 
So, remove grief and anger from your heart and put away pain from your body, because childhood and the prime of life are fleeting. Remember also your Creator in the days of your youth, before the evil days come and the years draw near when you will say, "I have no delight in them";
The marriage covenant in the scriptures is based on this. A woman gives a man her youth and her beauty which are so valuable to her, in return a man is to take care of a woman and treat her well when her youth and beauty are gone.
That is very clear from another well known verse
(Mal 2:14-16 NAS)
Because the LORD has been a witness between you and the wife of your youth, against whom you have dealt treacherously, though she is your companion and your wife by covenant.15 "But not one has done so who has a remnant of the Spirit. And what did that one do while he was seeking a godly offspring? Take heed then, to your spirit, and let no one deal treacherously against the wife of your youth.16 "For I hate divorce," says the LORD, the God of Israel, "and him who covers his garment with wrong," says the LORD of hosts. "So take heed to your spirit, that you do not deal treacherously."
Paraphrasing, the Lord is saying this. You married her when you were young. Now you can not cheat her and let her go that she is not young any more. Pretty simple. Now here is another one.
Now how is that relevant to us today ? Well, every woman is pretty when she is young. The beauty of her youth is what she brings to the table in a marriage whereas a man brings the monetary assets. What usually happens though is that a Christian woman will waste this short lived beauty while waiting for prince charming, rejecting all the suitors who are offering their fair share in the marriage covenant. Once the beauty is gone, the woman will usually start looking for these same men who have the financial means but lack the charm to marry them.
In fairness to all these women who give their physical charm to men who are not their husbands I do not think that this all that different from hording it and not giving it to any man, while waiting for Mr Charming. Again using the money analogy, all of us know that there are two ways to lose your assets. one is investing it in the wrong stock. Equally damaging is not investing them at all, because time works against you and the assets will depreciate. The same thing goes for a woman's physical beauty.