Sunday, June 22, 2014

Is it working ?

Is it working ?
Well the short answer is, NO. The long answer. I was improving and some things definitely did work. First flirting does work, a few things come to mind like. A girl pulling up her jeans, I go like
-I can lend you belt
-she: I need one
later on the jeans drop again.
- Me laughing: It's not working, just act like you didn't notice.
Another one is "you have very nice boobs today"
These girls are always nice to me, always smiling and always playful since then. Here is the sad fact. It takes me lots of effort to maintain this character, that is not me. I enjoy it for a time but that is not me, so I have to constantly work on it which takes time. Once I got sucked up into work, I reverted back to my old character and now all the gains are lost.
The only lesson learned is that flirting is way less risky than being nice. If I try to be nice to a girl and ask things like how was your week, where do you live, any nice movies recently not only will this go nowhere but I will be labeled as a weirdo, the will tell other girls that I am just trying to pick them up !! Flirting never got me these results. Another lesson learned is that value is usually situational where I work, I am the boss, girls are always nice and they start flirting. Where I dance, good dancers have value, even if they have no game and they can get with girls way out of their league in any other context.
Another problem that I have found is that without having had sex before, and much of that I may add the presence of girls will always intimidate me one way or another and they can see through that. Being shy is an unforgivable sin, it makes the girl uncomfortable and if I am shy, she has to be as well, otherwise she labels herself as a slut.
So right now I have to chose between either marrying a girl that I do not like or staying single for the rest of my life. This is the way I am, when I am by myself I want to study the Bible, learn Hebrew. When I talk I want to talk about these things. I have always been like that. I am not a strong guy that can subdue women, I am a guy who watches Frozen and Tangled.
I will try again, but I am getting older and I have to be continuously doing this in order for me to maintain any gains.


  1. test comment - is this working?

  2. ChristianPUA - great blog - I am in the same exact position in life and could not describe it any better. I have watched a ton of youtube videos from all over (mostly RSD which I'm sure you've heard of by now). These guys are preaching a message that is relevant to all men, including Christians and needs to get out there more (unfortunately you are right in saying the goal is often just sex - but there is no reason to believe that it can't also be marriage). I feel like there aren't enough of us out there, that is Christians who are wanting to learn how to attract women, play the numbers and really find a good mate we can be excited about. I encourage you to keep trying and learning as you said - I need to do the same - am currently looking for meetups in my city (San Diego) where I can learn more about this. I would be greatly encouraged to hear your progress and learning as you're the first christian i've met who is into this stuff. I am at a stage behind you in that I have managed to get a number or two, but haven't adapted to the character of being "good with girls" yet - i.e. exuding the confidence and flirtiness but am working on it -- I just last night saw one of the most life-changing seminars by Alexander with RSD and would be glad to share the link if you want (I can't find it at the moment but it's out there somewhere).

    1. Super cool seeing fellow Christian guys out here trying this stuff. I too watch RSD and Jason capital dating, and Cajun, and Keys to the VIP, and Yad and I must say I have gotten better. I have many numbers, no dates as of yet. Soon though. Praise the Lord! You will get better if you keep at it, keep trying, keep going!!

  3. ChristianPUA - Another thought I had on this real quick was that I relate with exactly how you feel about your girlfriend you mentioned. The same EXACT thing happened to me and really messed up my head on this whole idea of what it means to ask god to bring you a wife. In every way I thought god had done that with this girl - she basically fell into my lap and was perfect for me - thought we were on the path and then bam it was over out of nowhere. It made me much more open to this idea of pickup and attracting women - I don't want to be in the position of being devastated by a breakup, but know that I have options i.e. that I can have confidence in my skill of attracting women and that it will work for me even if she breaks up - in that way I can use those skills on the girl I'm with and see it as a benefit that she either chooses to partake in or not. Ultimately, of course I want a woman who is capable of choosing me for who I am regardless of whatever skill I have with women in general (in the same way I would choose her even if she wasn't exactly what I wanted but was still attractive to me), but that skill should still be there and be reliable. I don't have the skill yet, but am eager to learn. Thanks for your blog!

  4. Hey, let me clarify something, dont give up!
    Forget about the classic Pick up ideas, look for Natural method or Natural game. Real Social Dynamics has a lot of things I don't agree with, but If you filter and translate the principles you can use them without adopting a character which is not congruent with who you are, that's exactly what the Natural method suggests.

  5. Hey- I just found this blog via an engine search. I've just recently been getting into game- but wrestling with being willing to try on a new "me" vs not compromising myself. I game a few girls for the reference but then feel bad leading them on when it looks like they want a relationship after a few weeks. I have had sex too though feel it conflicts with my religious beliefs.